Community Members

This project has enlisted scholars across disciplines already using social media data in their research in focused methodological discussions to develop a robust framework that can be used by data science and SBE scholars.

Study Design Attendees

John Abowd

U.S. Census Bureau and Cornell University
Economics, Statistics & Information Science

Tanya Berger-Wolf

Ohio State University
Computer Science & Population Biology

Guangqing Chi

Pennsylvania State University

Lise Getoor

University of California, Santa Cruz
Computer Science/Machine Learning 

Andrew Guess

Princeton University
Political Communication & Public Opinion

Jennifer Hill

New York University
Applied Statistics/Causal Inference

Adam Hughes

Pew Research Center
Applied Statistics/Causal Inference

Frauke Kreuter

University of Maryland
Statistics/Survey Methodology

Margaret Little

Georgetown University

Kevin Munger

Pennsylvania State University
Political Science & Social Data Analytics