Community Members

This project has enlisted scholars across disciplines already using social media data in their research in focused methodological discussions to develop a robust framework that can be used by data science and SBE scholars.

Study Design Attendees

John Abowd

U.S. Census Bureau and Cornell University
Economics, Statistics & Information Science

Tanya Berger-Wolf

Ohio State University
Computer Science & Population Biology

Guangqing Chi

Pennsylvania State University

Lise Getoor

University of California, Santa Cruz
Computer Science/Machine Learning 

Andrew Guess

Princeton University
Political Communication & Public Opinion

Jennifer Hill

New York University
Applied Statistics/Causal Inference

Adam Hughes

Pew Research Center
Applied Statistics/Causal Inference

Frauke Kreuter

University of Maryland
Statistics/Survey Methodology

Margaret Little

Georgetown University

Kevin Munger

Pennsylvania State University
Political Science & Social Data Analytics

Measurement Attendees

Elizabeth Cooksey

Ohio State University

Frederick Conrad

University of Michigan
Survey Methodology & Psychology

Keenan Dworak-Fisher

Bureau of Labor Statistics
Survey Methodology

Deen Freelon

University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill
Journalism and Media

Daniel Hopkins

University of Pennsylvania
Political Science

Ken Kelley

University of Notre Dame

Renée Miller

Northeastern University
Computer Science

Kobbi Nissim

Georgetown University
Computer Science

Carole Roan

Georgetown University
Economics & Public Health

Sudeepa Roy

Duke University
Computer Science